How our Clients feel:


When we are recruiting for a certain specialty, or have a physician absent, KBIC knows what help to provide us, to get the best possible candidate.
Sharon A., CEO

I don’t have to make a lot of phone calls or send a lot of emails. My KBIC rep knows me, knows my needs, and presents the type of physicians I will accept, who are available to cover.
Astrid H., Practice Manager

Locum Tenens work really does help me travel, and get paid for doing something I enjoy, which is practicing medicine. I am mid-career Closed my office. It was a little scary at first. After my third assignment I realized I left behind worrying about the hospitals pressure, my office’s politics, a very large overhead, and insurance paperwork. Being that I have elderly parents, I can schedule my work around my family obligations. Locum Tenens work has very gratifying to me, and KBIC has made it easy.
Scott W., DO

KBIC started our search immediately after I got off the phone with them. Our rep. was the single point of contact. He handled it all, pre-vetting the, physician, assisting my MSO with privileges, handled all of the travel, Hotel, etc. Not having to communicate with 3-4 people was refreshing, as compared to other services we have used. The physicians they presented were all qualified. We selected a person who performed extremely well, and was a great fit for our facility. Best experience I have had using Locum Tenens.
Albert Z., COO

I have registered with Locum Tenens companies that collected all of my information and I never heard from them again. A couple I’ve worked with have bounced me around from person to person to gain credentials at a facility, but can’t seem to get it right. If there is a roadblock I don’t here from the administrative people I have to deal with very frustrating.

My representative at Kaye Bassman was constantly checking on Locum Tenens jobs for me. I only need one point of contact, he has been knowledgeable, responsive, and a pleasure to work with.

They really do their homework about the facility, the area, and stay connected with me.
Kurt A., MD