Client Case Studies

Some History of Our Results

One of our clients in a rural community of 6,400 people lost their only General Surgeon. Being a smaller community, they were having a very difficult time attracting a full time doctor. For a short period, there was a provider at a larger hospital 47 miles from the city that would see patients four times a month, but any procedures had to be performed at that facility. This created a burden for the patients and their families. We were contacted to see if we could find a permanent doctor for them. We could not, but what we found were 2 doctors who would cover the facility for a week and a weekend of clinic and surgeries each per month, on a Locum Tenens basis. The local internal medicine physician helped to provide additional follow-up.

One of our providers found themselves in a tough situation. She had two partners in a suburban internal medicine practice for 5 years. Two years ago, without much warning, one partner was recruited away by a large local hospital. The Provider and her partner looked for a replacement but could not find one. The overhead and time commitment was getting excessive. They decided to close the office. She went to work with a multi-specialty group for about 10 months, but there was a lot of pressure on her to spend less time, than she was used to, with her patients. She felt that she was jeopardizing the level of care she was giving. This started confrontations with the CEO concerning the demands that had ramped up. We initially contacted her via a phone call seeing if she was interested in Locum Tenens assignment. She gave us the parameters of what she was looking for, as a physician. We had a long term assignment in another state that was a good fit. She got her state license completed for that assignment, then another in her home state, then another, and continues to do so.

During a difficult period for a Level 1 facility they found themselves without Neurosurgeons.
This was traumatic, to say the least. Being a teaching facility, with a number of residency programs, and a very busy urban ER, this situation was untenable. The CEO and CMO reached out to us directly about bringing on some temporary surgeons, until they settled the cause of the vacancies. We felt it might take us a matter of weeks, possibly a month, or more. However, we were initially able to find two surgeons who were licensed in the state, and able to cover the ER on a rotating schedule. This was not enough for the crisis they were in. Luckily they found an additional surgeon, who was an alumni, along with one additional provider from another Locum Tenens firm. We later located an additional surgeon who could cover sporadic dates. During this time the facility was able to regain most of the physicians who had left, and stem the tide, while they looked for permanent staff. They credited having the temporary Locum Tenens available for giving them the flexibility to survive something that they had never thought could happen.